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Monday, April 14, 2014

So Who Posted the First Selfie?

  DIEGO VELAZQUEZ  @diegoveloz  1 day ago
Hey guys, chk this out. I took this portr8 a few of weeks ago n painted myself in the background. Is that totally INSANE or what??? Gotta be a first, im thinking of callin it a backgroundie.

  RAPHAEL  @raffasanzio   11 hours ago
@diegoveloz   Naw dude, backgroundie way too long. How bout selfie? AWSOME portrait BTW! Looks like the cast of G.o.Thrones. 

  PICASSO  @pablopick   9 hours ago
@diegoveloz   Yeah dude like whos the dog on the right? And what bout the canine one too? WOOF! LoL!!!

JAN VAN EYCK  @janvantheman   7 hours ago
@diegoveloz  You 4 real dawg? My white dutch ASS say U b first. I bin doin that shit 4 years. Chk out my portr8 o the Arnolfini hitchin. Take a good look that mirror back there n say that aint me. Now THAT b a selfie mofo!!

  HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC @henriletrekkie   6 hours ago
@janvantheman    Awsome portr8! The chick is haawt!!!!

  MICHELANGELO DE CARAVAGGIO @mickcaravan   5 hours ago 

@henriletrekkie   NOT my type ;- )

  PETER PAUL RUBENS  @ppdarube   3 hours ago
@mickcaravan   Yeah too scrawny for me. LoL!

DIEGO VELAZQUEZ  @diegoveloz  3 hours ago
@janvantheman   Shit that could b any1 in your mirror. I,m sooo still calling firstie here.

JAN VAN EYCK  @janvantheman   2 hours ago
@diegoveloz   The Hell U R, U dago ashole!

 JOHANNES VERMEER @johanSvrmr   2 hours ago
@janvantheman   Oh and BTW. That light-coming-through-the-window-on-the-left thing? FYI, I like totally started that.

JAN VAN EYCK  @janvantheman   1 hour ago
@johanSvrmr   Yeah, well fuck U too Johnny!

  EDOUARD MANET  @showmethemanet   53 minutes ago
Hey guys. I did a selfie too. Kinda hard to C but I,m in the third row of the cafĂ© reflected in the mirror. Pretty kewl eh? 

 MICHELANGELO DE CARAVAGGIO @mickcaravan  44 minutes ago
@showmethemanet   FAIL Dude! Cant C U anywhere


JAN VAN EYCK  @janvantheman   37 minutes ago
@showmethemanet   TOTAL FAIL, man!!! U got like a duck-face selfie, a nite-out selfie and a blurry selfie all rolled into one. Total clichĂ©. Why didnt U paint Urself in the gym holding your pet while U're at it?

DIEGO VELAZQUEZ  @diegoveloz  28 minutes ago
@showmethemanet   Yeah Nice try buddy but FAIL BIATCH!!!