The Lung Brothers

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Loyal Reader....

Sorry, I haven't been feeding the blog lately.
Been a bit busy getting married and shit.
I'm supprised that you're still here actually.
Don't get out much do you?
Many friends?
Quick, sign off. I hear your Mum coming up the stairs!
Only kidding.
I see you're out of Clearasil again.
Is that a Dungeon Master's Guide I see on the shelf behind you?
Dungeon Master eh? You must be very proud.
Why is there an odd sock underneath your bed?
Oh I see.
Well at least that way you only wear them out one at a time.
That telescope over there by the window, shouldn't it be pointing up for stargazing?
Oh I see.
Yes, it IS a fine argument in favour of the use of net curtains.
If ever I have a daughter that age, I'll be sure to remind her.
Well, it's probably time I was goin......
Yes indeed, I had noticed the Dr. Who figurines?
Ah, even more after your birthday next week?
Do you mind me asking, how..?
Forty-three?!? My, my I wouldn't have put you over thirty.
Look I really, really have to sign off. There's a ...chicken in the oven .. or somehting.
These little chats are always a pleasure.
Please keep visiting the blog.
It's because of readers like you that I post so often......