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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hollywood Prescience

Today I was going over some of Lung Brother archives and came across this post from January, 2006 where we pitched some ideas/predictions about feasible Hollywood productions. Now four and a half years later it amazes me how many times we hit paydirt on the predictions.

I count four: Beowulf, One Million Years BC, The A-Team and the series V.


This can only mean one of two things.

1. Either Lung the Elder and I are creative geniuses and should be over in L.A. pitching our ideas like whores and raking in the cash hand over fist.

2. Or Hollywood studios are just a bunch stale production farms with all the creative enterprise of widget factories and whose sole function is to churn out the same cookie-cutter multiplex fodder that we the public gladly slurp up like drooling lobotomized cattle.

Mmm. I’m kinda torn between the two.

What do you reckon?

Political Correctness in a Nutshell.

God forgive me but this is too good not to repeat.

A couple of weeks ago Greg came over for dinner and the conversation got onto films that we‘d all recently seen. Greg had just seen (and highly recommended) the movie Precious. But it was the American tone of his beautiful summary that I wished I’d caught on video.

“Basically it’s about this horrible, fat, ugly black women……(gasps and puts had over mouth) … Oh excuse me, I meant African American.”

To our amazement, he was completely non-plussed by our laughter. So he actually wasn’t being ironic. I took pity on the lad and explained.

“That’s fine Greg, I’m sure the poor girl would much prefer to be called a horrible, fat, ugly African American than called a horrible, fat, ugly black women coz you know, the term ‘black’ can sometimes come off as offensive.”

Political correctness in a nutshell.