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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idea to Make a Million Nº. 163

While musing on the current economic crisis and the stagnation of the housing market, it occurred to me that there still might be a way to make a killing in property. I remember that a block away from our old apartment there used to be a flat for rent above a nightclub. If my memory serves me, it took over two years to find someone who was prepared to put up with the racket.

So here’s my idea in a nutshell:

A Real Estate Agency Exclusively for the Deaf

First of all, you go house hunting anywhere near an airport, train station, sawmill, Formula 1 racetrack or military firing ground. These residencies are usually pretty cheap anyway but in the current economic climate you should be able to pick them up for a song.

You then advertise in any magazines, associations or social groups for deaf people that you can find. I reckon you could offer the apartments for a fraction of the market price and still make a nice juicy mark up.

So the big question is – what to call this new enterprise? Here are a few of my own personal suggestions:

Bedlam & Din ltd.

Cacophony 21

Boom Housing plc.

Eardrum Brokers and Sons

Pandemonium Properties Inc.

Urban Hubbub

Def & Mute-ual

Rumpus Rooms Ltd.

Any other ideas for names?