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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Last Leg....

Another ration of highly intellectual dialogue between Lung the Elder, Manny and myself over three frothy bottles of pub nectar:

M: I’m telling you, guys. The time for making money in IT is over. Biotechnology is the next big earner.

LtY: Yeah, I’ve always figured that somebody should try to cross a chicken with a spider so that everyone at the table can have a drumstick. Although catching the bastard might be a bit of a problem.

LtE: But what if you just end up with a venomous bird?

M: Easy. Go for the military market..

LtE: Of course, if the experiment goes wrong you could sell it to some General or other and if it goes right you could sell it to Colonel Saunders.

LtY: Wow, just think of it. All drumsticks. You could call it the KFC Arachni-Bucket.

And so on and so forth……..Sigh.


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