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Thursday, January 27, 2005


A conversation snippet between Lung the Elder and my good self over curry and beers yesterday evening:

LtE: ….how can I explain this? Look, do you know much about quantum physics?

LtY: Ha! How many dates have you completely blown using that line?

LtE. An indeterminate number.

LtY: Touché

CS usually insists in coming along to our nights out from a feeling of pure FOMS*. When she does, she usually has to put up with our awful jokes, our obscure references, our understatement (a word which doesn’t really translate to Spanish for obvious reasons) and our pseudo-intellectual ramblings.
At these times I can only imagine that she must be feeling a mixture of relief that we’re not going to strip clubs, boredom of the type that all girls feel around nerds and frustration that she didn’t just stay at home with a good book.

(* Fear Of Missing Something)


Blogger Amanda B. said...

You are quite funny. Keep it up! (the blog I mean)

1:47 pm  

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