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Friday, January 14, 2005


Well it’s my birthday today. Yippy bloody skip.

It occurred to me that my age has just gone from a highly factorable number with seven, yes seven factors to a prime number. And that two of the factors are square roots.

I wonder if the Chinese or the numerologists (or the Chinese numerologists for that matter) would consider this transition as a sign of good luck or an omen of doom. I suppose that when I went from 31 to 32 a similar process happened but in reverse i.e. I went from a prime number to a highly factored number. That was the year 2000 and I honestly don’t remember it being either a particularly good or bad year in my life.

Another curious fact is that I have exactly the same birthday as my girlfriend’s father and one of her best friends. If Freud had been a astrologist, he would have rubbed his hands with glee at upon hearing that little nugget of information.

Does it all mean something? Is there some kind of holistic significance or serendipity at work here?.......................You know, it would probably tickle my boss pink if he knew how I wile away the working day pondering such cosmically important issues.


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