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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rules of Thumb..

You should immediately switch off a blog forever when:

…..when you come across more than three references to technical gadgetry that you don’t understand.

…..when you read a long, humourless description of something like a girls night out where absolutely nothing remotely interesting or wild happens.

…..when the amount of times that the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ appear, outnumber the sentences in the entry.

…..when you encounter those diabetically sugary photographs of cats or stuffed animals.

….when the blogger uses syntax as if he or she were texting someone with an outdated cellular brick.

….when there is so much background colour that you can’t actually make out the text.

….teenage poetry.

You should immediately get hooked on a blog when:

….when it tells you something interesting that you didn’t know.

….when it shares and reaffirms your narrow political viewpoint.

…..when it can make something uneventful and banal (a girls night out for instance) seem absolutely hilarious.

…..when you actually get all it's geeky and obscure references.

….tempting links.


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