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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Eternal Shame of a Spotty Mind

The most embarrassing thing in the UNIVERSE is to make some sort of orthographical error while posting comments on someone else’s blog. It would be nice to be able to say that it’s all the fault of my feckin’ Spanish spellchecker which has an infuriating habit of fiddling with the words even as I type them.

But no.

There is no excuse.

The ugly truth is that I’m the saddest excuse of a semi-literate, dyslexic ignoramus that was ever spat out of the far end of the catholic educational system.

And just to compound the problem, it’s common knowledge that most of the decent blogs are piloted by people who work in either publishing, journalism or publicity. Yes, people who actually know how to SPELL and who love to pounce on cretins like me with their perfect syntax, scathing hot remarks and sabre sharp tongues. Some of them are even professional EDITORS for Christ’s sake. Oh, God.

And it’s all up there forever, my shame, clear as day for them to snipe at and I can’t change anything because it’s not my blog, so…so…

So I run and hide and thank God for the blessed anonymity of the Internet.

But no.

Vain gobshite that I am, I had to link the comment back to my own blog. So they can follow me home. All those EDITORS gathering around my blog like a SWAT team surrounding a hijacked bus. Well don’t think we’re going to make it easy for you. I may not be able to spell but when it comes to ridicule, I can give as good as I take.

….so bring it on!


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