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Friday, September 21, 2007

Needless to Say, I Didn’t Pronounce It High-Per-Bow-Lay.

..then the middle-aged American tourist propped his elbow on the tapas bar and began explaining himself to the pretty young Spanish girl. He spoke slowly and loudly even though she had made it quite clear that her English was near perfect.

You see I’m from Pasadena in California. That’s where the Rose Bowl is - one of the oldest and biggest stadiums in the country. They play the Bowl Game there which probably the most prestigious college matches of the post-season. In fact, some say it’s the Superbowl of college football. You see in the States we got this thing called the Superbowl which is THE most important sporting event in the world and....’

Excuse me’ I interrupted ‘You may not know this but over here they’ve got the Hyperbole which is the biggest, most spectacular, sensational, orgasm-inducing thing in the entire fucking cosmos.’

There was a silence. Neither of them had got the joke for completely different reasons. I picked up my coat and left for another bar. The night was young but life was short.


Anonymous It's Me... Maven said...

It's like playing a battle or game of wits with folks who are completely unarmed, my friend. That was a great line... hyperbole:)

5:16 pm  
Blogger Bock the Robber said...

Michael O Leary did.

Call it "High-Per-Bow-Lay" I mean.

On the radio last week.

Idiot, unlettered billionaire that he is.

4:19 am  

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