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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Well, well, well, well........What a lazy pair of pulmonary siblings we have been. Letting our poor wee blog marinate for months in it’s own juices of inactivity and spam comments with nary a sign of life.


Sure, got a bunch of ‘em. But they don’t make very good reading so I’ll skip most of it. Metro, boulot, Dodot. Which is French for ‘Living in a rut so deep and wide, you could stampede cattle through it’. There I said it.

It all started around the beginning of August. These continental Europeans do insist on giving us most of the month off despite our pleas to be let back into the office. So CS and I were forced to rent a picturesque little farmhouse in south central France. (Yes there are actually still a few picturesque farmhouses left in France that haven’t been bought up by the British) This is the fourth time we’ve rented a gite (pronounced to rhyme with jeep) and so far, they’ve always come up trumps.

So a couple of weeks visiting diabetically pretty villages, drinking our share of the European wine surplus and scoffing the local food which mostly consist of delicious dishes that were the product of indescribable cruelty to ducks and geese. Amazing the subtle flavours and textures that one can achieve with nothing more than fowl, funnel, plunger and a bit of Gaulic imagination. We returned home several kilos heavier and jelly-limbed with relaxation. Anyway here are a couple of photos of the grotty scenery that we had to put up with.


Blogger Mateu said...

welcome back, good sir! you have been missed. perhaps soon lung the elder will grace us with a post? remember, all humor is born of misery, right? (crap, who said that and what's the correct version? I can't find it. Why doesn't someone invent a page where you can search for stuff on the internet?)

8:19 am  

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