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Monday, May 23, 2005

Reproduction Reviews.

Instead of gabbing on about the recent birth of my son, an activity which is far too rampant in the blogesphere already, I’ll restrict the commentary to what the critics had to say about the event. Here are some of the reviews that CS and yours truly received from friends scattered around the globe:

While, gold and frankincense are welcome, baby Nicolas shows signs of a childhood myrrh allergy, so please exercise caution when selecting a gift basket.

Matt – Microbeer processor, Portland, Oregon.

It's nice to see some intelligent people reproducing, there's hope for the future yet.

Tim – Cynic, Colorado.

holy crap! nobody even told me you were pregnant! cant type much.....i've got a fucking broken arm......

Kaleen – Victimized schoolmarm, Boston.

That's rad !!! A big hug to the familia and little Z-boy Nicolas .

Armando – Skateboarder and artiste, New York.

Welcome to the world Nicolas!


1. Despite Kaleen's claim, it was your mother who was pregnant and not your father.
2. Your name WITHOUT the accent means "victory for the people".
3. Your name WITH the accent means "victory for Español". At some stage (possibly kindergarten) you may feel an urge to be addressed as Nicolau or Micholau, which mean "victory for Barca" and "Madrid suck" respectively.
4. You were born on the feast of the Irish Saint Brendan, whom many (Irish) believe to have reached the US before Columbus. (Unfortunately Brendan never applied for a green card, so he doesn't show up in the records.) At some stage in your life, a software company will offer you a job in Palo Alto; resist!
5. Your parents don't think much of the name Brendan.
6. Thank your mother for your good looks.
7. Thank you father for your good looks. ;)
8. Never pass a Bar named after you, without going in for a pint.
9. Never give your father your e-mail address.
10. If you have trouble sleeping, get your father to tell you a story.

David - Itinerant, Barcelona.

Bonne continuation a tous et toutes.

Louis - Homeowner, Sligo, Ireland.

Couldn't be happier for you if you rolled me in fudge and tickled my toes :-) What was it your dad said to me? "Congratulations on your replacement on this earth" :-0

Eddie – Blackmailer and sociopath, Dublin.

Well done that man! You're moving up the curve my friend. You've already gone through moments of delight at knowing the plumbing works, months of fear and now you move into what I presume is years of ambient concern.
It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Is the kid going to be a smartarse or will CS raise him?
Tell CS, Pecho Lobo was asking for her.

Ian – Figment of my deranged imagination, London.

So, nothing too scathing there. I hope the reviews are as kind again if ever we choose to go ahead with a sequel.


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