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Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a Difference a Decade Makes

Once again, this post has been marinating in the cesspool of my hindbrain over the past two weeks until I could find a moment to commit it to text.

The party.

Ah yes, the party.

As mentioned in the previous post our first big February bash occurred ten years ago to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. It was curious to contrast that event with the party of a few of weeks ago. I found the most striking points of comparison were the following:

TEN years ago, a lot more people showed up than were invited. Because naturally, a lot of the people we invited wanted to bring friends along. And very welcome they were, the more the rowdier.
THIS time round a lot fewer people showed up than were invited because some had the flu, some of them had kids who had the flu, some of them had had a tough a week and couldn’t summon the energy to walk out their front door for a bit of weekend leisure and some of them obviously couldn’t handle the stairs with their Zimmer frames.

TEN years ago we had just enough booze to keep the thronging masses at bay and the guests were smart enough to bring along the cheapest booze they could buy. So by the end of the night, the diehard guests were hitting the Andoran counterfit gin, the DYK (pronounced ‘dick’) whiskey and the Moscatel wine that the gay couple had brought along while others were licking the bottom of the Sucker Punch bowl. (ref: previous post)
THIS time round, we were shocked to welcome punters at the front door with bottles of Bombay gin and decent Rioja Crianza wines stuck under their arms. And even more shocking, most of this quality hooch wasn’t even touched! I think we ended up making a net profit with regards to quantity of booze and certainly with regard to quality. Our bodega overfloweth. We could probably throw another two parties with the alcoholic procceds of this one.

TEN years ago, I was young, fit as a fiddle and had only begun going out with my new girlfriend and yet I didn’t notice any woman paying particular interest to me at the February bash.
I am now a slightly overweight, married forty year old with a nipper back in the fold and was pleasantly amazed to discover a couple of the lady guests shamelessly flirting with me. Now let me be clear, this was the highlight of the party for me, getting my dusty old ego shoeshined. Unfortunately it also confirmed that as old as I’ll ever get, I will never understand how women’s minds work let alone their libidos.

TEN years ago the neighbours (who were all invited) were shocked at how much noise we made.
THIS time round the neighbours (who were also all invited) were shocked at how little noise we made.

TEN years ago, it took us half a day to clear up the flat and cart all the empties down to the dumpster.
THIS time round, it took us an hour because a few of our more responsible guests collected and brought down bags of empties before heading home.

And finally…

TEN years ago I would have been really pissed off to have hosted such a mellow, well ordered party.
THIS time round, I’m kind of relieved and grateful.


Anonymous AnnieB said...

Hey (Mr)* Lung, at least you made it until you turned 40 to feel that way. I'm only 30 and already I agree with your consensus!

I think they've got it all wrong... 30 is the new 50 and 40 is the new 60!


6:02 pm  

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