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Friday, January 27, 2006

Spain is Being Overrun by Vulcans

I’m totally serious, you only have to look at some of the people in the public eye and their uncanny resemblance to Spock. Well you’ll never guess the European country in which they’re all residing! Just think, if this many famous mindmelders have managed to infiltrate the Iberian society, how many of the unwashed, anonymous masses might be shoulder-pinching alien fiends? Take your families and run for the hills!!

So next time you decide to visit Ibiza or the Costa del Sol, just watch out for the locals that cover up their ears with sunhats.


Blogger nunozowie said...

So... it's true? So I'm not mad? As the Spaniard I am, I must warn you people from the rest of the world that Vulcanians have already reached the control of the Government by placing Zapp-Aght-Gherö (Earth name Zapatero) as our prez. I knew it from the beginning!!!

5:15 pm  

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