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Friday, January 27, 2006

Suspected Vulcans

Suspect Nº. 1: Zidane - professional footballer. Real name Zarrk-Tsu-Gozk, will attack Romulans on sight. Fortunately, most of the Earth’s infiltrated Romulans are located in Idaho.

Suspect Nº. 2: Ibarretxe – Politician. Having infiltrated Basque society, he didn’t bother to change his Vulcan name and nobody noticed. Well placed in the upper echelons of parliament for when the final invasion comes.

Suspect Nº. 3: Cortés – prancing Gipsy. Real name Krul-Pffsak. Special ops. Disguises combat training as folk dancing and is currently inseminating most of the worlds top models with repro-pods.


Blogger Philip said...

The logic is inescapable.

vygnnvfo: Even Word Verification agrees.

4:52 am  
Anonymous Plumber said...

So what is wrong with Vulcans, probably more intelligent as it happens.

4:42 pm  

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