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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Comments - Because I don’t Partake of the Twitter.

If that Pope Francis is so damn hip and modern, how come we haven’t seen him twerk on Youtube yet….?

Shouldn’t the young chap now change his name to Justin Imbiber…..?

So it turns out that Lindsay Lohan acts in movies too. Who knew…?

Ah Syria. Another country keeping up that proud tradition of genocide and moustaches.

To think that the US almost had a Mormon in the Whitehouse and for the first time, the nation could conceivably have had a Second Lady.   

Two thoughts occurred to me the last time I visited Ikea – firstly I thought about all the wooden furniture they build and the quantity of sawdust it must produce, then in the food shop I wondered what they put into all the cookies and crackers to make them so darn cheap and then…bingo!

I have new respect for French cinematic melodramas. I used to think that the films were sexist male fantasies because there was always this short ugly middle-aged man who manages to make young beauties fall in love with him. Ridiculous!...........and then Sarkozy and Hollande come along….

It turns out that most of the Chinese government bigwigs have been laundering money abroad. Well, gee whizz, slap my thigh, what a shock. I guess that might explain the three million empty Chinese restaurants in Barcelona that never seem to close…..



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