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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Shipyard

Oh yeah, I said, this blogging’s going to be a piece o’ piss. Why once we get the site set up I’m gonna blog every week. Sod that every damn day! Why I reckon ideas will flood into to my fertile cortex at such a rate that nerry an hour shall pass before I feel the urge to wrest a laptop from the nearest commuter and expunge on my views with a vengeance.

I remember Lung the Elder (my technical enabler) looking at me with the distracted expression of a sleep-deprived camel. An expression I now, looking back, recognize as skepticism, thinly-veiled but not unkind. He as a veteran programmer was wise in the ways of the web and probably knew that, as a blog rookie, I would have to learn the hard way.

Another beer?’ he said.

‘Beer? Beer?! Do you think I have time to tarry for beer when there is so much to be done. We must away to an internet tavern and work all night to set up this fiendish enterprise. Blogs wait for no man.’

Estrella or San Miguel?’

Aw go on then, Estrella.’

The next day while at work, Lung the Elder set up the blog in five minutes despite a brutal hangover.

I see that my last post was in June.

This my friends is how ships of fools are built.


Anonymous John said...

Welcome Back!

2:00 pm  
Blogger Mateu said...

ah, but you're still posting, that's the important thing.

perhaps you're setting your standards too high? i've heard you say funny things more often than quarterly...


8:42 pm  
Anonymous Spud said...

I see that even after a week this seems a reasonable prospect.

Blog On!

9:24 am  

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