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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Life Impersonates Hollywood.

OK so imagine you are Iker Casillas, the captain of the Spanish side that has just won the World Cup. You are already overcome with emotion and then they put you into an interview with the gorgeous television reporter Sara Carbonero….who also happens to be your girlfriend. What do you reckon would happen ….?

Some bastards have too much good luck.


Anonymous mazar said...

being an England fan-its hard to even imagine being in there shoes lol

10:19 am  
Anonymous iggy said...

i like the scenario,if only !

10:21 am  
Anonymous del said...

Try being a scotland fan then,lol.Anyway if your looking for a good way to earn a 24/7 income all year round try our Wealth Maker System

11:53 am  
Anonymous Mr x said...

# come on fella`s its only a game #

2:26 pm  

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